6 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions
Amy Jayne Fitness
per week (x10)
You will be emailed a voucher code. Only valid for use at Amy Jayne Fitness.
Glenfield, Auckland
Bespoke Coaching Package
This is our top coaching package. 6 x 1:1 sessions, designed to get you reconnecting to your body with exercise, lifestyle & nutrition guidance. Buy this deal to work with Amy 1:1 to build a bespoke coaching plan to help you restore your core & pelvic floor function. We work in conjunction with your women's health physio. If anything comes up on your prescreen form, we will refer you to a physio near you first. This package covers coaching for: Pregnancy (HCR Bump) Diastasis Recovery Prolapse & Hysterectomy Recovery Returning to Heavy Lifting 1:1 Everywoman Coaching Please contact us when you receive your voucher and we'll set up the coaching for you and send your prescreen form.
The fine print
You have 6 months from purchase to use up all of your appointments. Appointments are usually 2 weeks apart with prescribed homework. Please email us for more info
About the store
Connect Health Fitness & Wellness is a woman centred personal training & coaching business. We specialise in helping women with pelvic floor dysfunction, connect to their pelvic floor and return to living a full life, leak & pain free. Once you have a strong foundation, we then move on to achieving your fitness goals like any other personal trainer, while respecting where you have come from. We work in relation with your women's health physio, or will refer you to a recommended physio if necessary, to give you the best treatment for your specific needs. What we treat: Incontinence Diastasis Recti Prolapse Hysterectomy Recovery Postnatal Recovery Hernia Back Pain You don't have to be local to work with us as we are proficient at training clients online using Zoom and our Connect Training App Check out our website to find a programme to help you. Group coaching & 1:1 Available
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